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Things will be a bit different to what we were used to.

Please be patient, it is going to be slower, but your health and well being is important to us, as we hope ours is to you.

  • You can now buy your gate tickets online – tickets can be purchased at the gate BUT tickets are limited, so to ensure you are not disappointed & turned away, it is probably best to buy online.

  • Prior to coming to the venue please complete the “Entry to Venue Pre-check” (this is for all drivers, all crew, all volunteers & all spectators) Click link below.       .

  • A confirmation email will be sent to you. Please produce this at the gate for quick entry. Alternatively, you can use our QR code or sign in sheet.

  • Spectators can then go and set up as normal but keep a space between your group and the next.

  • Masks only need to be worn when social distancing cannot be achieved or when in a building but we would like to you wear one when not at your viewing location.

  • Drivers and crew are to make their way to the pits.

  • All nominated drivers and their crew will have their names checked off the list that has been received via their online nominations.

  • The pits will not be open to the public and people from the pits will not be able to leave the pits until the end of the night.

  • Hand sanitiser stations are located around the venue for your use.

  • The canteen will be open, with a separate entrance for people in the pits and we ask that you wear your mask at these locations.

Tickets are now available


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